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Maxime Consulting Ltd provides information and monitoring services, consultancy, training and technical assistance to enterprises and public-private institutions that want to develop their activity exploiting all national and European opportunities.

The company provides specific solutions and opportunities on the basis of customer needs in different sectors thanks to the professional competences of human resources and the network of external experts with which the company permanently cooperates.

The working languages are: Italian, English and French.

The services that the company provides are:

- Consultancy and technical assistance
- Training
- Business internationalization
- Online services


Enterprises and organizations are too often unaware of funds and opportunities at their disposal at regional, national and European level.
For this reason Maxime Consulting Ltd considers it fundamental to provide its customers with the best support for information activity.
Further details on the services the company intends to provide:
Continuous monitoring and selection of call of interests at regional, national and European level;
Publication of newsletters on the company’s web site that customers could read in order to know all the opportunities that exist in a clear and concise way;
Transmission via e-mail of the information considered most relevant on the basis of the needs of the customer;
Customized analysis in order to evaluate the concrete possibility of accessing available funds.

Consultancy and technical assistance
Obtaining public funds is not that easy and enterprises, organizations and public entities are not often able to obtain funds due to technical difficulties.
For this reason Maxime Consulting Ltd gives its customers strong support in the elaboration and preparation of project proposals:
Technical assistance and information services in addition to the official information published in the periodical newsletters;
Scrupulous analysis in order to verify the feasibility of the customer’s project and its compatibility with the open call;
Preparation of the project proposal in close cooperation with the customer in order to adapt each action to the customer’s needs;
Administrative and financial management of the project if the proposal is approved.
The consulting activity of the company consists of:
Assessment of the opportunity to participate in a call of the different European programmes and eventually preparation, management/coordination and technical assistance for the project.
Technical assistance in the planning of the public administrations’ activity in the field of structural funds and European programme of interest;
Research and interpretation of European legislation and comparative analysis on the application or breach of Community rules.
 Moreover Maxime Consulting Ltd is able to elaborate and organize workshops, seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad.

Nowadays human resources are probably the best asset of enterprises and public entities.
For this reason a qualified staff is necessary to increase a company’s competitiveness.
Maxime Consulting Ltd offers the following services:
Definition and comprehension of training needs;
Research and analysis of funding opportunities;
Support in the search for qualified organizations able to provide training and/or research of enterprises, research institutes, universities useful for maximizing the final results;
Assistance in the search for teachers and experts necessary for the implementation of the training project;
Customized preparation of the training programme and coordination of all the activities necessary for the realization of the training project.
Moreover Maxime Consulting Ltd has a lot of experience in technical assistance to private and public entities for preparation, management and the assessment of projects financed by ESF.

Business internationalization
Maxime Consulting Ltd supports enterprises in their internationalization process helping them in:
Researching and selecting of funds;
Researching and selecting of partners;
Building of an international network of enterprises, organizations, institutions etc.;
Collecting information about the country, the target market and the target group, the tax system, the national legislation, etc;
Studying and choosing the best type of cooperation: joint venture; cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, etc.;
Preparing and managing internationalization projects.

Since 2009 Maxime Consulting Ltd srl is a member of “Piace Italia Consorzio” that works in the food sector, selling Italian products in South America, especially in Brazil.


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